Twin Brooks Part I

Episode 5: Twin Brooks Community League Part I

Twin Brooks Community League invited The Shared Mic hosts Salima Suleman and Eric Storey to a special event in Dec. 2019, which brought together community members from diverse backgrounds, ages and stages of life. 

At the event, Salima and Eric invited pairs to sit down together for a few minutes and talk about how technology has changed or impacted their lives. You’ll hear from community members Dinesh Gupta & Yuqi Yang, Ivor Edwards & Chris Carvalho, Ida Richards & Cathy Rong, Vaughn Atkinson & Edward Li and Cheryl Atkinson & Albert Wu. They discussed how cellphones have improved their ability to communicate, grappled with how much technology has evolved, and more. 

We’ve split the conversations from Twin Brooks into two parts, so the next episode will also feature conversations from the special event. Please note, this episode is not recorded in our usual space so you may hear some extra background noise or tidbits of other conversations from the event.

The Shared Mic is produced by Age Friendly Edmonton. Stay tuned for our sixth episode on March 2. We will be releasing bi-weekly through April 2020!

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