Episode 5: Covid Community Impact

In this episode, Advocates and Educators from Edmonton’s Jewish and Muslim communities, Abe Silverman and Trent Daley, met to discuss how the pandemic has impacted their faith communities.

Faith plays a key role in the lives of Edmontonians of all ages. These communities have shown exceptional resilience in making the best of a bad situation. By converting their homes into places of worship–makeshift mosques and synagogues–these Edmontonians remain connected to their faith.

Despite some silver linings, both Abe and Trent comment on the struggles COVID-19 has presented to their communities, such as increased isolation among their members and economic uncertainty. As Abe keenly observes, “only history will be able to tell the entire story of what it is that this pandemic has done to the world.”

The Shared Mic is produced by Age Friendly Edmonton.

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