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Episode 8 Season 2 Finale: Climate Change

Recent years have witnessed calamitous climate events. From the bleaching of coral reefs to the melting of the polar ice caps, the effects of climate change are becoming harder to ignore. This conversation brings together two individuals from different generations who both have thoughts on how we can move the needle on climate change.

Matthew is a young climate activist with the Edmonton chapter of the Citizens’ Climate Change Lobby (CCL). Victor had a 25-year career in biomedical and forensic sciences, and, in 2006, found inspiration to fight climate change after reading “An Inconvenient Truth”. In this candid conversation, the pair discuss possible solutions to this pressing issue, including promising technologies. They also discuss challenges, including changing minds in a time when misinformation runs rampant.

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Episode 7: Navigating Life With A Disability

This episode brings together disability advocates, Bean Gill and Cindy Gordon, to discuss what it’s like to navigate the world with a disability. Bean is the Executive Director and Cofounder of “ReYu Paralysis Recovery Centre”, an Edmonton nonprofit specializing in neurorecovery therapy to increase function for individuals with spinal cord injuries and associated disorders. Cindy is the Executive Director for the “Canadian Hard of Hearing Association — Edmonton Branch.” Together they discuss ways to improve accessibility in Edmonton for individuals with disabilities, and educating Edmontonians about different disabilities to counteract prejudice.

The Shared Mic is produced by Age Friendly Edmonton.

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Episode 6: Virtual Theatre

Live theatre is a fantastic way to gather insight into the human experience. Going to a show is usually an in-person experience, but the COVID-19 pandemic has forced local thespians to radically rethink the artform.

In this episode, local theatre proponents, Becca and Linette, meet to discuss the implications of the pandemic for local theatre. Becca is the Associate Director for the Geri-Actors and Linette is a High School and Improv Teacher at Strathcona High School. Throughout the discussion, common themes emerge, including the difficulty of projecting oneself through a screen when acting in the digital landscape. The two also identify opportunities that have arisen from the pandemic, such as involving actors and audiences from across the globe in productions.

The Shared Mic is produced by Age Friendly Edmonton.

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