About Us

What We Do

The Shared Mic is Edmonton’s first unscripted, intergenerational podcast.  Two people of different ages and stages come together to interview each other about shared life experiences to find connection. 

This podcast is produced by Age Friendly Edmonton, a partnership between the City of Edmonton and the Edmonton Seniors Coordinating Council. 

Who We Are



Salima Suleman is currently the Intergenerational Connection Action Hub Champion with Age Friendly Edmonton, a co-led initiative by the City of Edmonton and the Edmonton Seniors Coordinating Council.  Salima is a professional educator, speech-language pathologist, and researcher, but more importantly she is enthusiastic about, and inspired by bringing together people at different ages and stages of life to learn from and with each other.

Eric Storey

Throughout his professional career Eric Storey volunteered with non-profit and social development programs. Following his 2007 retirement from the manufacturing sector, he was able to increase his community involvement and obtained a Bachelor of Social Work degree as one of his retirement projects. He combines social work skills with his previous management, governance, and volunteer experience to be engaged in the community. He is focused on social justice issues, primarily around those experienced by seniors, at-risk and in-care youth, and sexual and gender minority populations.

Age Friendly Edmonton Team:
Becca Barrington
Melissa Carvalho
Johnna Lowther
Nicole Smith
Kyle Whitfield

Podcast Production Team:
Caroline Gee – Coordinator
April Magee – Communications
Matthew Matyszczuk – Sound Editor and Producer